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The Angry Video Game Nerd for the Atari 2600?

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I found the weirdest video game earlier this week, AVGN for the atari 2600. So, what do I do? make it complete but as obviously. The game does cuss. I got the .bin file but that wasn't enough. So I created labels, a box, and even a manual. however. the game didn't have much on scoring or helping. But it's still fun!


P.S. If you read Horror Stories as a bad game. it was just to cover up for Dr. Jekyel and Mr. Hyde because Atari didn't want to associate with Nintendo.


Here you will find the .zip file containing every thing I used to make the pics.AVGNAtari.zip

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Neo Games also had a very limited release signed at an expo using the character $hitpickle:


Basically, a Balloon Fight endless side scrolling game where you collect bonus items.





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