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New Harmony product: Harmony Encore

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The new Harmony Encore SD cartridge is better than the original Harmony Encore and at a cheaper price (and the new version is shipping now)


I was comparing the old Harmony Encore SD cartridge which has the more expensive mini USB port with a spring loaded SD card slot. The reason for the new Harmony Encore SD cartridge hardware design was to maintain the same speed, and quality level while at the same time making the product cheaper in price to be more comparable in price to its competition, like the much cheaper Atari 2600 UnoCart. The Atari 2600 UnoCart sells for $40 and the new redesigned Harmony Encore SD cartridge sells for only around $15 more at $54.99 (Or $76.99 plus shipping when optional items are included with the order on the official Harmony website). The new redesigned Harmony Encore has the same specs, uses a lower cost USB chip by switching to a micro USB design. Also a new push-pull SD card slot, which most of the time means better quality then a spring loaded SD card slot (no spring to wear out in a push-pull SD card slot). The printed circuit board was re-engineered for a smaller size that is able to support chips in several different packages (lower priced chips). I was also informed that even though the price is cheaper, the speed of the chips at the very minimum are the same speed as the original Harmony Encore design, and sometimes faster chips are used when compared to the original. I was also informed that the Harmony Encore redesign is also just as reliable as the old design.     


Real world testing


Under real world conditions I prefer the new Harmony Encore SD cartridge design since the new lower cost SD card slot is a better and more reliable card slot. All the SDHC cards I put in this version of the Harmony Encore including the 32GB SDHC SanDisk Extreme Pro works perfectly fine. In fact, this lower cost Harmony Encore is better than the original since it has the push/pull SD card slot that is not spring loaded (spring loaded card slots can wear out). The $129.95 ATARIMAX SD cartridges use this same style of push/pull SD card slot (it’s a more reliable SD card slot).


This new Harmony Encore SD cartridge with the micro USB port works perfectly fine while using the Windows Professional 64 bit operating system (A new and different 64 bit driver is offered with the product). In addition the compatibility issue with some high-end SDHC cards has been fixed with a new design on the cartridge circuit board (one component just needed swapped out and all new orders ship with this new design that should offer close to 100% compatibility with all name brand SD and SDHC cards that use the FAT or FAT32 file format).

The best part is the new Harmony Encore SD cartridge is more reliable and faster than prior versions while at the same time costing a little less to manufacture. The Harmony Encore SD cartridge is $54.99 plus shipping and fully loaded with options for $76.99 plus shipping. While the Atari 2600 UNO cart is only $40, while testing the 2600 UNO cart I noticed that the main title screen shacks and is not stable, while the Harmony Encore SD cartridge has a stable main title screen and also comes with a micro USB port. While there are pluses and minus to both the Harmony Encore and the 2600 UNO cart. For only $15 more in cost overall the Harmony Encore SD cartridge is a better product.


Harmony Encore | Erstwhile Technologies (square.site)

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