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Sony PVM-20L4 component sync issues?

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Hi guys, i have myself a nice Sony PVM-20L4 20" (Professional Video Monitor), it looks really nice as it is but eventually id like to tune it up for a sharper picture. Anyway im having component issues, can't seem to get a sync. Any ideas how i might be able to fix this? I thought it was supposed to sync on green? with component it works at 480i as i noticed when i booted my PAL original xbox up to the original dash (not the soft modified one thats 720p). Trying to get my Wii to do progressive scan.



Maybe it cant do progressive 480, it says 800 TV lines (4:3)/600 TV lines (16:9) in the manual below.

I can do RGB with my BNC to SCART so i've been playing my retro consoles on it.





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Thanks for the reply. I have read that link already but i didn't quite understand why it could do the resolution but not progressive scan. 31 kHz is progressive scan, 15khz is interlaced; SO the monitor i have is only 15khz well in effect you need 31khz to do 480p you can do 240p on a 15khz monitor but thats besides the point.


Might look out for a 31khz PVM in the future, im not that fussed as i got this one at a really nice price and it was only to replace my old philips scart crt that i used with my Amiga A1200, Atari 800xl ect.



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