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Metal Ghost

Xbox 360 BenQ DVD Drive Malfunction

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I'm really hoping that someone here can help out with this.


I have an older model Xbox 360 (w/HDMI though) with a BenQ DVD drive. Starting a couple nights ago it stopped reading discs. Tray opens, tray closes. However the dashboard shows reading, and then reverts back to 'Open Tray' with nothing ever happening.


I had it opened up tonight and this is what I see:

The laser assembly is not stuck at the back of the tracks. The spindle does turn a disc. If I push the laser assembly all the way to the back of the tracks and then insert a disc, the 360 will read a disc. But only once. If I open the tray and close again it'll no longer read a disc.


I'm not sure if this makes sense, but it almost seems as if the laser assembly doesn't know when to stop at the front of the tracks and is 'running into' the spindle (?).


I don't know....any ideas? I didn't think that any of this indicated that the pots required adjustment.

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Or conversely, if anyone can think of another site with boards where people might know, getting pointed in the right direction would definitely be appreciated.

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