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Feeler: modded XBOX

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SO I have an original xbox that I soft modded and since I have not touched it in at least two years I am wanting to sell it, but have no idea what to list it for


XBOX soft modded power and composite video cables, XBMC installed


modded to 128 meg of ram over stock 64 meg


emulators installed (coleco, NES, SNES, Genesis, TG16, and ps1)


250 gig hard drive (WD)


DVD remote, which seems useless with xbmc


logitech wireless controller


small xbox controller modded to USB so it works with PC's with some driver tweaks, homebrew USB to xbox dongle to use second controller or memory sticks


games included: GTA-SA CIB, Jet Set Radio future CIB, FORZA motorsports CIB, Splinter Cell (used to soft mod) CIB, psyconauts disc only, PS1 Games are GT2 (crappy) DIC, bust a move DIC, GTA 1 DIC greatest hits


seriously considering to sell, just dont know what to ask, pics to follow in a day or two



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