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Intellivision Games FS

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Hi, I'm an AtariAge subscriber who has feedback on Ebay and GameGavel as "wongojack." My account here and on Ebay has been active for many years. I'm doing a bit of organizing, and I thought I'd put some of my inty collection up for sale. Shipping will be as close to actual shipping as we can get. For one or 2 carts it will be around $5 to most places in the USA and around $9 to Canada. I'll ship outside of North America, but will have to get an exact quote for you. Buy 5 or more carts and shipping will be a flat $5 to USA ($5 credit to Canada).


I've added 0.33 to each price, but you can subtract this if you pay as a GIFT through PayPal.


B = Box

C = Cart

M = Manual

O = Overlays x1 x2 etc


Box Condition

P = Poor

F = Fair

G = Good






Astrosmash B, C, Ox1 (F) $4.33

B-17 Bomber B, C, M, Ox2 (G) $5.33

B-17 Bomber B, C (F) $5.33

Burgertime B, C, Ox2 (P) $3.33

LV Poker & BJ B, C, M, Ox2 (F) $4.33

Microsurgeon BOX ONLY (G) $2.33

NFL Football B, C, M, Ox2 (F) $3.33

NFL Football B, C, M, Ox2 (VG) $8.33 [No Playbook but has Color USA Manual]

Skiing B, C, Ox2 (P-) $2.33 [barely Qualifies as a Box]

Space Armada B, C, M, Ox2 (F) $3.33

Space Battle B, C, M, Ox2 (F) $8.33 [Refers to Keyboard on Cover]

Space Spartans B, C, M Ox2 (F) $5.33





Cart Only Price is per Cart

2x Astrosmash $.99

Adv Dungeons & Dragons $1.33

Atlantis $2.33

Baseball $.99

Baseball (Major League Label) $.99

3x Beauty & Beast $2.33

Burgertime $1.33

Carnival $1.33

Frogger $2.33

3x LV Poker & BJ $.99

Masters of Univ He-Man $10.33

2x NFL Football $.99

Night Stalker $1.33

Pitfall $2.33

Shark! Shark! $1.33

Sharp Shot $1.33

SNAFU $1.33

Space Armada $2.33

3x Space Battle $1.33

Space Hawk (white label) $.99

Star Strike $1.33

Trip Action $.99

Tron Maze a Tron $4.33

Word Fun $1.33


All Prices are negotiable and all offers will be considered. I'm interested in trading for 7800 stuff if you got any of these: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/213255-wtb-7800-commons/


Intellivision Wants:



2600 Sale Thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221290-common-2600-games-fs/


Buy Anything from this thread and get these items for less:


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I also have an Inty II that I'd be willing to part with if there is someone who wants to start collecting for this great console.

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