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John Mayor

Odyssey 2 K.C. Munchkin games/Best selling game?

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These were a blast to play on my old Odyssey^2 when I used to play it. I really need to buy a new one but the prices ARGH!


Anyway, There were only 2 games right? There was the first K.C. Munchkin and then there was the sequel Crystal Chase, where it had a centipede?


Because I keep reading that there were four games in the series in some material I have, and considering I have not gotten a new/played Odyssey^2 in years I do not recall.


One more thing, I always heard that K.C. was a success and it seems to still be praised for being pretty good. Was it the best selling Odyssey game? The first thing people name when I mention the Odyssey^2 and from what even I remmeber is the first K.C. Munchkin.

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Just KC Munchkin and KC Crazy Chase were released. There are a couple of hacks where these games have had the characters altered to look like PacMan and the ghosts, but no true sequels.


If you're holding off on buying an Odyssey 2 because of price, I have to say it's probably just about the cheapest 8-bit you can collect for. On eBay you can find a working console with a few common games for maybe $40-$50.

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