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I like to collect magazines with advertising 'Intellivision, there are othe

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Hi William,

I never owned or intended to own an Aquarius system - how bad was it & how many games were made for it? I had chance to pickup several times but have no desire as games are same titles as on inty mostly and look even worse if memory serves me right?

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Do Catalog scans count as magazines?

Not sure if these have ever been posted anywhere but i got these from a cool site that has scans of just about every Radio Shack catalog ever made. http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/index.html


Unfortunately i could only find the Tandyvision in 3 of their catalogs before it disappeared.

This first one is from their main 1983 Catalog


Second one is from the 1982 RadioShack Pre-Christmas Sale Catalog


And lastly the 1982 RadioShack Christmas & Gift Catalog



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Ok, that's not easy, as an Atari Fanboy, but I'm very sure, you will love the following ad :)


I'm collecting Ads (digital) about Video Games, Electronic toys (if awesome) and Hardware (Consoles and Computer)

from the late 60s to the early 90s, but it's just an project, only collecting a lot of raw material at the moment.

I have over 5 Gigabyte to check and this project isn't on top of my list atm.


Of course, the following ad, is just an evil, dirty propaganda :D






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As mentioned in an Intellivisionaries podcast, here is Electronic Games May 83 issue where they mention the Intellivision III and The Treasure of Yucatan. Scroll down to page 24. Also on page 20 there is a cool mention of Intellivision joysticks.





When i find PDF's of these old magazines i like to download them all. So i'm sad to see there is a missing issue. Digitpress seems to be missing the 1983 Buyers Guide. I found the missing August 1985 issue on another site but that Buyers guide is i guess hard to find. I bet it's cool as hell too. :)


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You know, thinking back on it. I do not remember seeing video game related magazines at the store when i was a kid. But every week when we went to the grocery store i ran straight to the magazine section. My mother let me buy a magazine or 2 every time we went. But i was busy getting MAD and Cracked Magazine in and around 82/83 (that was around the time she started buying them for me). I do have 2 issues of Cracked that were video game specials i will do videos on eventually. Intellivision does get mentioned.


I was so into video games i doubt i would of passed up on such a magazine if i had seen it. I did end up getting a couple kids video game paper back books. One is called BLIPS and the other is Pac-Mania (Pac-Man Joke Book). I still have both of those as well.


Now i wish i could go back in time and see if that store ever had them. :)

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This shop in UK (Silica Shop) has done many things for video games, here is another example....

An instruction booklet for Star strike.





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Interesting ad. I've only seen 1 other ad (in a Mattel catalog) that shows the Intellivoice II.


I didn't realize that an Intellivision 2 was advertised, but that would certainly would have made things easier for my all white setup.


I searched the internet briefly, but these were the only other pictures I could find of the Intellivoice 2, and probably from the other ad you mentioned.


As you are looking for ads, don't forget about comics. :D I remember ROM Spaceknight had a lot of Intellivision ads.



Edited by doctorclu

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I went through 23 issues of Battlestar Galactica and 79 issues of ROM Spaceknight both by Marvel and together cover the time from March 1979 to February 1986 and made a note of the time before and after the hayday of the Video Games.


For those not a kid during the 80's, I think this best illustrates what the 80's would be like if it were a tree and you cut it down and counted the rings. Living in the 80's was a fun time full of awe and amazement because there was so much going on. Advertisements like the ones you'll see listed in the Comics, in magazines like you've seen in this message thread, and from your friends on the playground were about the extent of your information source.


So I found it no surprise that though the Atari VCS was released in 1977-1978 and the Intellivision in 1979 going into 1980 that you would not see ads for either until practically 1982 and into 1983. For 1983 and 1984 you see a flurry of ads. It was an exciting time. And then by 1985 it goes to the computers, which is true, by 1985 I had moved on to the Atari Computer because of better graphics and you could get copies from your friends easier ;) and I think that is what actually made computers more popular over consoles at that point. That, and the movie "WARGAMES" which made calling the computer Bulletin Board Systems so popular.


So here is our slice of video game history as seen through the ads of Marvel Comics during this time. And one thing I found out, the ads in one comic generally were carried on through the other comics of the same times I looked through.


November 1983 was the month for Intellivision !! :D



1979 ----------------------------------

-1- -2- -3-

01 Mar: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Shogun Warriors, Coneheads,
02 Apr: Coleco Electronic Quarterback, Coleco Telstar game
03 May: --- (Nothing of note)
04 Jun: "TRONS Micronaut Robot clown"
05 Jul: Buck Rogers, Star Wars auction figures, Kryptonite Rocks, Daredevil-NEW!
06 Aug: Star Trek Motion Picture (back) coming Christmas
07 Sep: Master Blaster TV game, Tomy Digital Diamond,Galax IX Space Fighter
08 Oct: Gold Centurian offered with proofs of purchase, Alice Cooper comic.
09 Nov: Shogun Warriors toys, Howard the Duck
10 Dec: Rom mentioned first time. || Rom 1-ROM Starts, KISS make up kit advertised.
1980 ----------------------------------
11 Jan: Rom, Star Wars (cheezy ad) || Rom-2 Star wars toys
12 Feb: Rom || Rom-3 Character "Firefall" introduced (also name of rock group).
13 Mar: Rom, Star Trek models, Star Trek Motion picture now playing
14 Apr: Black Hole and Star Trek figures. Electronic Big Trak, Telstar Pong
15 May: Black Hole, Rom
16 Jun: Star Trek model (AMT) back cover || Rom-7 OJ Simpson Shoes, LOTR Figure
17 Jul: MPC Models Black Hole, ROM,
18 Aug: Dazzler (in disco getup), || ROM-9 "Gre-Gory" Big bad Vampire bat, BMX
19 Sep: Coleco Color (pong) video game, X-Men Blue Team Add, Atari "Touch Me"
20 Oct: --- || Rom-11 --- (nothing of note, but the ads were the same)
21 Nov: Trans Am model, Empire Strikes Back, Quiz Wiz Computer Answer Game
22 Dec: --- || Rom 13 Wildfire Parkers Brothers (pinball), Happy Days Cartoon
1981 ----------------------------------
23 Jan: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ENDS - Star Wars Fan Club, Pez Candy,
15 Feb: (this list continues with ROM SPACEKNIGHT from this point on...)
16 Mar: Dazzler ad, Monogram models (Trans-Am, P36 Peacemaker)
17 Apr: Rom Meets the X-Men, Mego Super Hero figures Ad
18 May: Rom/X-Men part 2, Second mention of Electronic Space Invader
19 Jun: "Attack of the Mutants" RPG ad
20 Jul: Star Wars radio program
21 Aug: Rom meets Torpedo,
22 Sep: Super Slurpee Fun Game has Atari 2600 as a first prize.
23 Oct: Rom meets Iron Fist (pt 2, cont from Iron Fist #74) and Fantastic Four
24 Nov: Rom meets Nova, D&D Ad, Star Wars Talking Alarm Clock
25 Dec: Smurfs, Firestar (Cartoon), Blackstar (Cartoon), Dagobah/Hoth Models
1982 ----------------------------------
26 Jan: Rom meets Galactus.
27 Feb: Cracker Jack (snack), Micronauts.
28 Mar: Trans-Am, Corvette, Firebird Models. 2nd D&D ad.
29 Apr: Lone Ranger Action Figures.
30 May: Bubble Yum Contest Atari 2600 2nd Prize, 3rd D&D ad.
31 Jun: Rom meets an early Rogue (and Brotherhood) Bubble Yum Contest…
32 Jul: brotherhood pt2, Parker Brothers Merlin, Bubble Yum, GI JOE!!
33 Aug: Bubble Yum, 4th D&D Ad, GI JOE fan Club.
34 Sep: Rom/Submariner, 5th D&D ad, Coleco Pac-Man handheld,MEGAFORCE
35 Oct: Rom/Submariner (pt2), Dark Phoenix Saga ad,Empire Strike Back for Atari!
36 Nov: Rubix Snake
37 Dec: M-NETWORK AD, Star Frontiers, Gilligan's Planet (cartoon),
1983 ----------------------------------
38 Jan: Spiderman(2 page ad) for Atari, D&D 5th Ad.
39 Feb: D&D Books, The Dark Crystal (for Christmas), Amadar for Atari.
40 Mar: D&D Action scenes, D&D Expert Set, Riddle of the Sphinx, Super Cobra
41 Apr: Rom/Dr.Strange, BLIP Magazine, D&D Expert Set, M-Network, Reactor
42 May: BLIP, Lock N Chase for Intellivision, Jedi Arena for Atari.
43 Jun: Lock N Chase (InTV), Star Frontiers, M-Network TRON, Tutankham
44 Jul: GI Joe (2 page ad) for Atari, D&D 5th ad, M-Network TRON, Kool-Aid Man
45 Aug: Star Frontiers, D&D for InTV, Frogger for InTV
46 Sep: Star Frontiers, Burgertime for InTV, Tutankham for InTV
47 Oct: Star Frontiers, GI Joe 2 page ad, Kool Aid Man game, D&D Intv, Burgertime
48 Nov: Solar Fox InTV, Popeye for InTV (2 pg), Kool Aid Man InTV, ROTJ for InTV
49 Dec: Burgertime, Pac-Man Cartoon, Mr.T Cartoon, Kool-Aid Man, Q-Bert
1984 ----------------------------------
50 Jan: Battlezone , War Room (ColVis), Crystar (figure), Bump N Jump, Popeye
51 Feb: Power Lords (Ody), Treasure of Tarmin InTV, Super Cobra InTV
52 Mar: Zorcom Spaceship (toy), Atarisoft (2pg), He-Man InTV, Frogger InTV
53 Apr: Joust for Atari, Olympic advertises Colecovision & C=64, He-Man, Qbert
54 May: Moon Patrol for Atari, Zorcom vs Tanjar (toy), Treasure of Tarmin,Frogger
55 Jun: Moon Patrol, Atarisoft, Treasure of Tarmin, Popeye
56 Jul: "Kull is back" He-Man for IntV, Parker Brothers for Atari Computers.
57 Aug: Atarisoft InTV, Parker's Brothers Hotline <--- Last one InTV related <---
58 Sep: The Last Starfighter, The New Mutants, Star Wars Arcade game for Atari
59 Oct: Buckaroo Banzai, Dragontales (B), Olympic removes ColecoVision & adds D&D
60 Nov: Mario Brothers-AT, Dazzler:The Movie, TSR Endless Quest, Star Wars-AT
61 Dec: Mario Brothers-AT, D&D Cartoon, Secret Wars, Frogger 2 for AT & C64
1985 ----------------------------------
62 Jan: Secret Wars, Decathlon-AT Com, Montezuma's Rev-AT, Col, C64
63 Feb: TSR Marvel Superheroes, Parker Brothers Risk, SpiderMan/Fishing Rods
64 Mar: GoBots, Fraggle Rock, TSR Indiana Jones, Risk
65 Apr: ROM and everyone Marvel take on the Dire Wraiths for a big final battle
66 May: Cloak & Dagger (comic),
67 Jun: Reeces Pieces, Choose your Own Adventure, Nagai in Star Wars Comics?
68 Jul: Reeces Pieces, Secret Wars II, Young Astronaut Program of America
69 Aug: Quik Bunny, ElfQuest comes to Marvel, Apple IIe is a prize in a contest.
70 Sep: Secret Wars II, Reeses Pieces, Squadron Supreme and Eternals begin
71 Oct: Twizzlers, Transformers on cassette, The Heavenly Kid (movie)
72 Nov: The Beyonder shows up in Rom, Bonkers robot watch, Reeses Pieces
73 Dec: MASK (toy), Gummi Bears (Cartoon), Snorks, Morph O Droids
1986 ----------------------------------
74 Jan: MASK, Starburst, Quik Challnege of the Gobots contest.
75 Feb: Thundercats, Care Bears, Gobots cartoon, Galtar (cartoon),
(And oh BTW ROM saves his home planet Galador. Yah!!)



ROM Annual 1982 --- (nothing of note Video Game or otherwise to me)
ROM Annual 1983 Star Frontiers, GI JOE 2 pg, Kool-Aid Man game,
D&D InTV, Burgertime InTV.

ROM Annual 1984 Mario Brothers, TSR Endless Quest, Frogger 2
ROM Annual 1985 MASK, Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling (cartoon)


Footnotes ----------------------------------

-1- Issue Number. This column shows 01-23 of Battlestar Galactica,

and continues with 23-75 of Rom Spaceknight.

-2- Month.

-3- Ads Featured. This column features significant events either in

my childhood, such as D&D or the X-Men, or events

related to video gaming. Video gaming took priority

however and sometimes other things were not listed since

I was trying to keep it to a single line per month.




















Edited by doctorclu
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Here are the rest of the ads I was able to find that involved the Intellivision.




I found these to be a sign that the video games were wrapping up. Here Atarisoft makes reference to the crappy games being released at that time. I think this was a jab a "Custer's Revenge". :P




And finally, shame on you Parker Brothers. After so many good ads, one lazy one that would basically be the one I would consider the wrap up for the console gaming ads beyond Atari...




Was showing a bathroom stall a fitting analogy of where console gaming was going at that point? :D


Well, I tell you, I'm glad I got to witness that era of gaming. That era, crazy and wild as it was, inspired fans to have a few more fun eras of gaming since. Even ones related to Intellivision.


Speaking of which, I think the current Intellivision companies should make some crazy ads like this, just for old times sake. ;)

Edited by doctorclu
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