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FS Intellivision Boxes Big Selection and Spiker

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Taking offers on the following boxes to help folks who them to complete their collections. I have had these in storage since the early 2000's so no reproduction boxes here. I'm including the list and a few photos. Photos of individual games upon request. Please PM me your offers.





Super Pro Football - Box only

Mountain Madness - Box only

Mountain Madness - Box only

Mountain Madness - Box only

Spiker - Box only

Body Slam - Box only

Decathlon - Box only

Dig Dug - Box only

Pac-Man - Box only

Champ Tennis - Box and instructions

Champ Tennis - Box only

Thunder Castle - Box only

Chip Shot - Box only - rotten condition

Mission X - Box and overlays

Masters of Univ - Box only but I do have 2 loose carts

Bloackade Runner - Box only

Sewer Sam - Box only - top is all taped

Worm Womper -Box, instructions, overlays. Cover has sharpie on it

Stampede - Outer box only

Happy Trails - Box and overlays

Happy Trails - Box only

Frogger - Box only

Jetsons - Box only & 90 day warranty slip

World Series - Box only & 90 day warranty slip

Mindstrike - Box only

Mr. Basic - Box only

Backgammon - Box only

Demon Attack - Box only

Beauty & Beast - Box only

Microsurgeon - Box only

Ice Trek - Box only

Carnival - Box only

Hover Force - Box only. pretty flat

Safecracker - Box only

Loco Motion - Box only

Sharp Shot - Box, instructions, overlays

Tron Deadly Discs - Box, instrucitons, overlays

Word Fun - Box and 2 very wrinkled overlays

Royal Dealer - Box, instructions, overlays

Roulette - Box, instructions, overlays

Vectron - Box only

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