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Since the GX4000 come with RGB out only, you might as well go for the 6128Plus that is the basis for the GX4000 - it's way more common to find (although it's still rare in it's own) more reliable, and you get access to both the GX-4000 cart library and the Amstrad CPC library as the Plus series is backward compatible, which give you access to approximatively 2000 games.


Just sayin' ;)

Not to rain on your parade but replying to 1.5Y old post of a banned/disabled user account is not useful.


Even more with wrong information, the GX4000 does output composite in the Scart connector so it's not just RGB (to be precise the French version is RGB only as it replaced composite with CSYNC on pin19), you can check the manual here:

http://www.cpcwiki.eu/imgs/b/be/GX4000_User_Instructions.pdf go to page 8.


Regarding the games thanks to the C4CPC flash cart there have been a few hundreds already ported over (from CPC64/64Plus):


main issues being to work around the need for keyboard (the disk games are ported via embedding an hacked AMSDOS that redirects the disk call to in memory pages as the C4CPC simulates up to 512K of banked ROM).


So told the CPC line is not that "impressive" wrt 8bit gaming of the time.

To be fair the GX4000 cart version of Pang is actually quite good.

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