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RIP Brad (Purenergy)

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Hi guys:


I wonder if Albert has an obituary section here on Atariage. Some if its members haven't been on in years and wonder if they are still around!


I was gone from Atariage for at least 3 years because of my Leukemia and wasn't active at all on the site. All on my friends list were concern for me because I just dropped out of the seen like instantly.


Many thought that something tragic happen to me (which was true). But when I came back, all were excited to hear from me and were glad I was doing all right after my bone marrow transplant! Happy that ordeal is over! I heard that Chickybaby had something similar with Cancer. Hope she is okay!



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Gone, but not forgotten


You're still in my thoughts buddy



Miss you



Same here.


Will always miss Brad for who he was. A great man. God rest his soul!



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Posted this on my facebook page, I thought It was more approrpriated .....




Lately, I've been thinking about an old friend, Bradley Prillwitz

Brad was buying my games back in 2008/2012
He was basically a customers like all the others
At least, that's what I was thinking......

See, the homebrew market is A WAY different than let's say, Indie market
It's more personal

In the homebrew "market" you're more close to your "customers"
You're developing friendship trough email, conversation etc....

The "customer" is not simply a customer, he quickly became one of your friends

There was this thing with Brad, but sadly he passed away in a car accident back in 2013

Every year, at this time, I think about Brad, how nice and gentlemen he was and all the conversations we had

Brad, I'm missing you buddy
We'll probably meet someday....

Love ya, Peace



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