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Ross PK

Weird problem when playing older consoles on my HDTV

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If there's no movement on the screen, the picture quality doesn't look too bad, but as soon as I move around in FPS view in a game, the scenery goes kind of blurred and you get traces off things (motion blur?), it's enough to not be able to make things out properly in the game, unless you stand still. I've noticed that if I move more slowly and try to look at what actually happens, the graphics in the game actually loose their detail and clarity and look kind of blurry, and if I stop moving it's as though everything suddenly comes into focus again.

If playing in third person, then it's the character moving about in the game that goes blurry and everything else that's stationary looks fine.

Does anyone else experience the same? Does it bother you? Do you just put up with it?

I'm not really sure if I can get used to it and enjoy playing games this way.

So yeah, I've never really heard anyone talk about this particular problem when playing older consoles on HDTV's. So I'm wondering, would an upscaler fix this problem? Or will it only make the picture look better when it's static/no movement?

I don't have enough room to have a CRT TV as well as my HDTV.


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The first thing to do is disable ALL extra video processing in your TV, especially any of those 240/480/960 image 'enhancers'. It's likely something there is causing issues.


If that doesn't help, it's possible your TV simply has a poor quality scaler. If that's the case, you'll want to look at buying something like this:



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