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Radofin Tele-Sports III 1004 Convoy

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So I've been searching a bit after this game that I picked up, the 1004 Convoy for Radofin Tele-Sports III.

The only thing i could find was an ancient topic here on AtariAge: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/135067-radofin-tele-sports-iii/


Is this game indeed that rare? and if so, what's a good value for a boxed copy?


attached are pictures of the game + box



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Since it's a pong clone system, not many people collect for it. So i don't think it's very expensive. Bought a boxed Tele-sports III with 2 games, 1 boxed game 1001 last October for 10 euro.

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Well yes!

Someone finally found one on AtariAge, after like, 30 years hearing they were released in the US but never found a clue about :



They are fairly common in Europe tho, so maybe you'll get less trouble findind a lot in Europe and AV-mod it so you can plug it on a PAL compatible TV?

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