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Tips for Selling on AtariAge and Beyond

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This definitely needs to be pinned!!! Great post!!!!


I would add one more thing though...


If you plan to ignore the rules of this thread, or scam anyone on AA, I hope you are prepared to get Shatnered!!!!!


***click to animate :-D


attachicon.gifMC SHatner.gif


You simply do not want the Shatner door-kicking your home at 2AM demanding to know why you scammed us hapless folks on Atari Age. It will end in tears for everyone!


(I don't know whose in charge of pinning things, and I hardly want to ask for my own topic to be pinned, but this could be useful to at least direct people to so we don't have to answer the same question a hundred times every day.)



This has been said above already but it needs to be said again: ENOUGH WITH THE OFF-SITE SPREADSHEETS!!!!! STOP MAKING ME GO TO GOOGLE DOCS!!!!


Especially for Vectrex items- you could have a CIB Mr. Boston for only $50 shipped but if it's on some frickin Google Docs spreadsheet I'm not even going to bother looking or inquiring. Just take the extra few seconds to post a list of what ya've got!


I saw a spreadsheet recently in a sale post, and it did remind me of how irritating and awkward they are to browse. Not a good selling tool!

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If anyone has advice on listing your items neatly while still giving enough info I'd really appreciate it. My problem is I always want to write too much instead of too little. I have to try and resist having a long drawn out paragraph at the beginning that kind of lays down all the basics ("Here's where I live, if you don't like a price make me an offer, I'll supply any other pics you want, I'm easy to deal with, etc. etc. etc.). Then any items I have with even the most minor blemishes I feel like I have to write a full sentence. When all's said and done it just looks like a lot and I don't want anyone to get bored halfway through my list.


I also have trouble figuring out what order to list things in. For instance I'll order games by system but I don't know where to list manuals and miscellaneous items. Those kinds of things are unusual and not always easy to find even if they're cheap so I don't want people to miss those by putting them at the bottom.


My list just never looks the way I want it and when you add my Wants it's even more bloated. As you might be able to tell I talk my face off in real life so it's hard for me to not be that way in the B/S/T.



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If posting in the market place, please use those tags to highlight what platform you are selling under. Even if it is a multi-platform posting, use tags. Tags, tags...

Posting a topic with a bunch of items with no tags is like a garage sell with everything in a box. It's not fun guessing. And most don't have the time to open everything up.

Albert decided to not expand the topics with platforms, but he did add tags. Use them please.

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If you haven't already, you might want to mention the difference between the words sell and sale. Your item isn't "for sell," it's "for sale."

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