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looking for a skunk board

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Sold, where do I mail it to?


standarddisclaimer.pdf and you should be fine :)

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Keep an eye on eBay. They pop up from time to time. The last couple have sold for around $250 US...

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Man, I JUST bought one a couple of months ago... how is it that the price of these things have skyrocketed already?

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TO ALL THAT NEED A SKUNK BOARD: Use the message system here on Atari age and send a private message to member: willyvmm and tell him you need one (or the quantity you need, I don't know the limit) and that you want to be added to the list for the next run of them being made. Yes there is a new run AGAIN of silly venture skunk boards. I know this because I am on the waiting list. I have a rev.3 now but its always good to have a few extras of those. I don't know if the list is full but I assume it isn't. Cost went up a little I think but even at $120-$150 it's cheap compared to eBay. Expect to wait AT LEAST a few days before you get a reply for him. Hope That Helps, later.

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Sent Sun May 17, 2015 4:35 AM

Hello, I want to Purchase Skunk board. Has a new run been made? Can you put me in list or tell me cost and how to pay if they are ready now. Thanks, Nick -onalok.



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Sent Fri May 22, 2015 4:11 PM

Please send me an email so i will put you on the list.

Here's a copy of the email:
Re: Skunk Board From: "willyvmm ." <[email protected]> To: "Nicholas Coale" <[email protected]> Date: May 23, 2015 2:58:12 AM

2015-05-23 9:16 GMT+02:00 Nicholas Coale <[email protected]>:
Hello, this is Nicholas Coale (onalok on AA), Please add me to the list for the silly venture Skunkboard(s).
I look forward to doing business with you, please let me know as soon as the boards become available again.
Please contact me BOTH on AA message and via this email. Thank you, Nicholas C. Coale -onalok.

http://PoloniaInfo.dk - największy portal polonijny w Danii.
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Cool, glad Willyvmm is doing another run of skunks, it will make Jagfun more available to Jagfans, and keep scalper/flipper prices down on epay. ;-)

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