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Cliffall! a Pitfall II homage!

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Answering Zap:
1) Pressing escape just quits. This is expected as I made this game to be a M.A.M.E. like game. And as such that´s how M.A.M.E. games behave ;D

2) Am I missing a joystick option? I do know that if you plug in a Logitech controler PS2 style, You can play.. at least it worked for me, but I have not checked it after I switched the Shift key for the Alt key (same as M.A.M.E´s)

3) The map. When I press the map button, please add a blinking cursor so I know where I am. Also, disable movement while on the map screen, because if you press left or right, you will actually move.
Answer: The map is actually just a picture and the blinking treasures just animated sprites... So I don´t have a clue as to how to do live mimicking that would work over the map (seems complicated to me)... in regards to moving while accessing the Map screen.. what I do and what I suggest is to just stop and stand on a safe place (corner) and then access the map! it may add to the challenge :D
Btw, if anyone reads this.. if you will be going to the game page, I ask that if you decide to buy the game, DO write to my email: [email protected] so that I can add your credentials (username and password) and then send the updated game to you.

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