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A level-editor for Mr. Do?

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I tried to do this once, but I can't program my way out of a wet paper bag.


It would be soooo awesome if there was a level editor hack for the arcade version of Mr. Do.


I'm thinking of something really simple.


Just start by selecting a screen-fill of a certain pattern and color.


Then use the joystick to subtract the stuff you don't want on screen (almost like an eraser tool in a paint program).


Set the number of baddies.


Place the apples, cherries, and start position for the player.


and that's about it.



Player 1 button = Previous menu item

Player 2 button = Next menu item

Fire button = Select/confirm

Joystick for placement

Both Player 1 and Player 2 = Hide menu.


Menu would include:

- Save level

- Load level into editor (and level select with up-down for previous/next item and left-right for previous/next page list of levels)

- Select fill color and pattern

- Select item (apple, cherry, earth, Mr. Do character)

- Input number of enemies to be spawned from the center of the screen.



I wouldn't want any extra features or power-ups or anything like that. Just what the arcade includes, since it's fun the way it is.


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