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Commodore 64, IMB and old Apple games - valuable?

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I've got a bunch of old floppy disc games for various systems. No way to test if they work. I was thinking of putting them on eBay in lots according to format, but I don't know if any of them are considered like, really valuable. I'm wholly igorant of these formats. Anyone want to advise me? Here's what I've got. All games are opened and are in good-to-fair condition, except the ones marked as sealed.


Adventure Construction Set
Fight Night
Heart of Africa
Music Studio, The (x2)
Movie Maker
Official America’s Cup Sailing Simulation, The
Psi 5 Trading Co.
Racing Destruction Set
Realm of Possibility
Robot Rascals
Rock n’ Bolt
Seven Cities of God
Web Dimension


Grand Slam Bridge
Make Your Own Murder Party (sealed)
Mean 18 Accolade Golf
Mean 18 Accolade Golf: Famous Course Disk: Vols. III & IV (sealed)
Music Construction Set (sealed)
Psi 5 Trading Co.
Radio Baseball
Super Boulder Dash
World Tour Golf
Zork I


Adventure Construction Set
Age of Adventure (demo copy, sticker-sealed shut)
Chessmaster 2000
Julius Irving & Larry Bird One-on-One
Lords of Conquest (sealed)
Movie Maker
Tales of the Unknown: Vol 1. The Bard’s Tale
Realm of Possibility (sealed)



Patton vs. Rommel


ATARI 400, 800, 1200
Hard Hat Mack


Mean 18 Accolade Golf (sealed)

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In my experience, all EA original folio releases, whether for Atari, C64 or Apple II do have some collectible value: MULE is definitely valuable (it should sell north of $100, though finding buyers is not always easy). Seven Cities of Gold (not "God" :D ) is also a good one and can fetch $50 or more while the others may go for anything between $10 and $50, including "Hard Hat Mack" that, in my opinion, should be worth more since it is actually EA's first game ever and deserves some respect! ;)



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Any with original packaging & instructions are probably worthy of individually auctioning.


Loose floppy-only, probably better off bundling in groups of 3 or 4.

If you don't want to put up dozens of auctions, you could always offer here first.

Agreed, the EA ones for Atari and C64 will probably be worth the most, especially if they have the box/manual.


The old PC stuff... really, no idea there. Plenty of people build up old PC machines so I guess the market for original bundles should be alive and well.

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The "fair-good condition" will be a value killer for a lot of these. MULE should go for a bit as long as it's in nice complete condition and Seven Cities of Gold also tends to draw bids again assuming it's nice and complete. For more common games like these, the real value right now is in sealed/mint copies. Anything less than that tends to only draw minor interest. For rare stuff, that's not the case, but nothing here is rare.

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