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MESS 0.153…The next generation of Atari 7800 emulation

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This is the x68000 Namco Video Game Music Library Vol. 1 which I'll  be ripping my Dig Dug sfx and music from.  This is were I got the Pac-man samples I used in the YM2151 demo.


[attachment=355569:Namco Video Game Music Library Vol 1 (1989)(Namco-Dempa)axdf.zip]

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Now THAT sounds like PACMAN!! Ya think the 7800 version could sound like that some day? I know it would take lots of work and so on but just asking if it is possible?

Those Pac-Man ports for the X68000 that I posted are good, but tep392's [Thank you for the file :) ] posted file producing even closer to arcade accurate sounds.


Here's what the file Namco Video Game Music Library Vol 1 (1989)(Namco-Dempa)axdf.zip   sounds like under the X68000 emulator:




Honestly don't know if those files ripped to "7800/XM" format and under the real XM/7800 hardware will sound that good though (Pardon my ignorance). 


Nonetheless, the X68000 is extremely close to sounding like an original Pac-Man arcade machine (1,6,7,8 you can definitely hear a difference). It has some amazing Arcade ports overall, and the prime reason I took an interest in it (OK, it's port of Castlevania (Chronicles) too :grin: ).

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