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Ultimate 1MB in 1200XL?

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5 hours ago, Brian W. said:

I've been reviewing and checking over things while waiting on parts. ....

Update. I've been trying for hours to correct some issues with the sparta dos hang on both U1MBs. I moved a setup to my 800XL for some base line testing. I get the exact same results, the in ablity to find the U1MB with the firmware update, and black screens on a regular basis. I've loaded Altira up, but nothing else works. It progressively failed on each one. The Side2 cart however has loaded sparta fine each time. So all of my cross comparisons lead to the noisey RST line causing what looked like a normal clean installation to fail and corrupt it enough that I could no longer do it again.  Taking lead from Flashcat's guide, I'll be getting a MiniPro TL866CS and reflashing the roms. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for the 1nf cap and the IC replacements to show up. I'll try it all again from the start with these patches persay and see where I end up.

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Good news, after replacing caps, the 2 multiplexer ICs that are recommended to be swapped out for new & re-flashing the SST 32pin eprom. Then scouring over the board with a scope. It looks like I've remedied the issue. My system is working perfectly, and in harmony with the Side2 Cart. I love this thing ! It gave me so much grief to start. But the all of the hard work paid off. Many thanks to all of those that have added viable suggestions to this post. 

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