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WTT: Xbox 360 for retro game console(s), etc

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I have a used white Xbox 360 console (some wear) w/ two controllers and all hook ups (component RGB). Its missing the charger for the controllers (which have the built in charger) and the Hard drive that detaches from the unit.


System powers up fine; no red ring.


Considering possibly trading system for something retro related as I just don't do much modern gaming.


Some things I'd consider trading for:


Famicom console

Super Famicom console

Sega Saturn console

Atari Jaguar console

Atari 5200

32X console

Colecovision console

Game Gear

Game boy


Possible game lots for:


Sega Genesis

Sega CD

Turbo Grafx 16







Misc peripherals for said systems/retro game stuff


Let me know if you'd be interested. Feel free to ask any additional questions.


EDIT: updated w/ pics of system. Controllers and hook ups not pictured, but ARE included in trade.


Thanks in advance,




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Mike, so its a fat 360...no drive or red ring issues, right? But also no HD? Got a pic?


I may be inclined to trade this if interested:


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Whats the difference between HD and Hard drive? As far as I know its just missing the top Hard Drive detachable plate thing.


This thing:



Thanks, but I already have a 2600. Do you a spare 5200 or anything else on my list?


Thanks for the interest,


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Few more pics detailing all components available in trade. Just needs a 20gb HD (available on ebay for less than $20.00) and a charger for the controllers to start enjoying.


May even consider cash offer if you have nothing to trade with.


Please let me know if there's any other questions,





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Assuming not interested then. Gl with ur sale/trade! :)

Sorry; just wanted to revise my ad in the event not enough detail/information wasn't given.


I'd really like to do an even console swap with this, but what games did you have for trade? My NES collection is very small at the moment so there's lots of essentials I'm lacking I'm sure.


Thanks in advance,


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Upon further testing, system WILL connect to live; isn't banned. Loads fine, etc.


Door tray DOES jam a good bit of the time and controllers' battery packs need replacing but controllers WILL charge once packs are replaced.


If anyone has a need for this set (system plus hookups plus controllers) I'd be happy to let it go for $50 plus shipping.




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