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FLOP 57 intro

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Hello.. let me present you another intro from MPG PRODUCTIONS (MaPa - code, PG - idea, gfx, msx) for latest issue of czech diskette magazine FLOP which was released at ATARIADA 2014 (taking place right now). As always, source code included but without comments as nobody is reading it anyway :) So enjoy!


post-3960-0-77859500-1397325535_thumb.png post-3960-0-81890000-1397325536_thumb.png post-3960-0-83599300-1397325537_thumb.png post-3960-0-84257300-1397325538_thumb.png


Flop 57 intro.zip

Edited by MaPa
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cant run from side II


Well... contact author of SIDE loader then. You can't blame software that runs from original Atari equipment that it does not run on a certain interface.

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Love it, superb colours, nice music and the 3D (parallax?) of the bars just finishes it off nicely.

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