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Last missing Action! file-SIMPLREL.ACT

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Hello together!


Nearly everything in Action! is restored now, just two things are missing:


a) the Action! source code


b) the file: SIMPLREL.ACT


Once, b) was published on a BBS, please see below.


If anyone of you has this file, we would really appreciate that to complete the Action! project.


Many thanks in advance to you and Happy Easter! :-)



The program SIMPLREL.ACT on this BBS may be used to cause an ACTION! program to load and run at a different address than that address at which it was compiled. The same program will also work for assembly language object files, providing you also follow the given instructions.

The program takes two object files as input and produces a third file which will load and run at a desired address. The relocating program prompts the user for the two input files, which must have been compiled one page (256 bytes) apart. It then prompts for an output file name (the relocated file), the page number of the starting address of the first file, and the page number of the desired destination address. Both page numbers must be decimal values. For example, specifying 32 as the destination page will cause the output file to load at address 32*256 ($2000), not $3200. See part V, "The ACTION! Compiler", chapter 2, page 144, for information on compiling programs to a specified address (Used to compile the two object files one page apart).

In order to use the relocating program, download SIMPLEREL.ACT and read the instructions therein.

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searched thru my Action source collection, but the only relocate sources I found were Relocate.ACT and Relgen.ACT, as well as a text file. These programs also came from a BBS but I have my doubts they are what you are searching for...


-Andreas Koch.



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