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Sega Master System console repair log

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Not sure if anyone else will find this useful or not but here goes:


I have owned this system since it was brand new back in the day when I was a kid and wanted to get this one working again for nostalgia reasons maybe...



System powers up and plays games in black and white on TV screen - no colors



I mothballed this console for a number of years and dug it out recently to get to the bottom of it. I found the power jack on the console was corroded (no cracked solderjoints though) but still managed to work enough to power up and play games. Replaced the power jack and played Woderboy 3 to test. IT is working as it should again.

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This is interesting as I saw this in the recent topics window and clicked it hoping it was regarding a B/W display problem and it is!!!!, 8)

I have a SMS version 1 (Power base) with built in snail game and it does not display colour, I am sure though I checked voltage when I last had it apart. I am tempted to get it back out on the repair bench now,if I do solve the problem I will post the solution here.

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