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SiLic0ne t0aD

ColecoVision Carts to Complete my Collection

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ColecoVision Games WANTED LIST


*UPDATE - I'M CURRENTLY NOT ADDING TO THE COLLECTION. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD AT THE MOMENT, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. (It's more or less a personal reference/placeholder/log for what I still don't have)* ;)


Greetings! My goal is to have a complete CV library someday and am looking for the following games either Loose (cartridges), Loose with Manual/Overlays, or CIB (Complete In Box), etc.


Box and/or Manual Only would be fine in some cases.. Just depends on the title. I would be willing to take anything into consideration...

Trades are also welcomed, just PM me a list of what you're looking for. :)

  • Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress
  • Alphabet Zoo
  • Amazing Bumpman
  • Aquattack
  • Artillery Duel
  • Brain Strainers
  • Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures In The Park
  • Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show
  • Campaign '84
  • Choplifter
  • Chuck Norris Superkicks
  • Cosmic Crisis
  • Dam Busters
  • Dance Fantasy
  • Decathlon
  • Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler
  • Dragonfire
  • Dukes of Hazard, The
  • Evolution
  • Fathom
  • Flipper Slipper
  • Fortune Builder
  • Frantic Freddy
  • Gateway to Asphai
  • Gust Buster
  • Gyruss
  • It's Only Rock 'N Roll
  • Jukebox
  • Jungle Hunt
  • Kung Fu Superkicks
  • Learning With Leaper
  • Linking Logic
  • Logic Levels
  • Memory Manor
  • Monkey Academy
  • Moonsweeper
  • Motocross Racer
  • Motocross Racer/Tomic the Barbarian
  • Mountain King
  • Oil's Well
  • Quest for Quintana Roo
  • Robin Hood
  • Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot
  • Roc N' Rope
  • Rock 'N Bolt
  • Rolloverture
  • Sammiy Lightfoot
  • Sector Alpha
  • Sewer Sam
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Skiing
  • Slurpy
  • Smurf Paint 'N Play Workshop
  • Star Wars: The Arcade Game
  • Strike It
  • Super Cobra
  • Super Crossforce
  • Super Sketch (Loose or CIB)
  • Tank Wars
  • Telly Turtle
  • Threshold
  • Tomarc The Barbarian
  • Up 'N Down
  • Wing War
  • Wiz Math, The Wizards of Id's
  • Zenji
Thank you for your time..


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