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Spiderman: do I go Shattered Dim. or classic Spidey 2?

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions or Spiderman 2  

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  1. 1. Shattered Dimensions or Spiderman 2?

    • Shattered Dimensions
    • Spiderman 2

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Having seen the poor reviews for the latest Spiderman game, I have been tempted to get myself a "good" Spidey game and so far it seems like my best two options are either the classic Spiderman 2 which I have never played or Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions because a lot of people love that game too.


If I get Spiderman 2 it will be the GameCube version as that is the only console of that generation that I own (technically I'll be using my Wii for this purpose). I have watched my sister play it on the original XBox so I know how good the game is, I just never got round to it myself. I assume the GC version is as nice looking as the Xbox one? And any issues I would need to know about? I know you use the triggers to web-sling, is the GC controller up to the task?


But then again, I also wouldn't mind a sexy high def later generation Spidey game and I kinda like the look of the different types of Spiderman seen in Shattered Dimensions, especially Noir Spiderman. I think though Shattered Dimensions is more linear isn't it? Not an open world like Spidey 2? I don't mind that so long as the game play is good.


So, anyone got recommendations? These two seem to be the best games mentioned on a regular basis. Or is there a third you suggest instead?


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I'm not going to vote in the poll, because it wouldn't be fair having not played Shattered Dimensions. But for what it's worth, I highly recommend Spiderman 2 for the GameCube - and this is coming from someone who had no knowledge of, or affection for, the Spiderman franchise.


I wasn't expecting much when I fished it out of a bargain bin back in the day, but I was really impressed by it. It's a little rough in places - and some of the gameplay elements are so frustrating that only a madman could 100% it - but the open world swinging, collectable secrets, and interesting story events make it quite a lot of fun and a good time-killer. (It's also great to have Bruce Campbell snark his way through the narration, and Tobey Maguire's dull readings of cheesy lines are hilarious.)


I'd say Spiderman 2 is my second-favourite third party GameCube game. I can't speak for how it compares to the Xbox version, but I didn't have a problem using the GameCube controller and it still looks decent for an open-world game of its time.


As for other Spiderman game suggestions...well, the Atari 2600 game is pretty good :) .

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Spider-Man 2 is a great open-world-style game, if one that hasn't aged particularly gracefully. You'll enjoy it. Ultimate Spider-Man, previously recommended, flew a bit more under the radar, but continues in the same gameplay style with much more appealing cel-shaded graphics, a better story that isn't some forced movie tie-in, and better voice acting.


Shattered Dimensions is a different kind of game. It's a fun, if somewhat mindless action-brawler, and won't invest you for as many hours as the other two. It's fairly consistently entertaining, however, and it is neat to hear so many TV show veterans returning to voice the different incarnations of Spidey.


Shop smart and you should be able to get all three for around $20 total. No harm in a little variety.

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I actually don't like any of the 3D Spider-Man games except this one:



It was also on Nintendo 64 and Playstation but the Dreamcast version has a much better frame rate, better graphics, and much better draw distance.


Srpider-Man 2 is probably the most popular answer to this topic but I'm not a fan. It can be fun to wander around and web sling but it grows tiring quickly and the actual meat of the game just isn't very fun. Weak combat, boring missions.

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