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Rick Dangerous

10 Lynx Games that are Cheap and Fun

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So I just got a Lynx two with a sun shade and California Games. I've been having a blast with it (except for half pipe,) but it is time to broaden my horizons. This time of year, my funds are tied up in other summer related pursuits, not to mention my Jaguar collection lol.


What are 10 games that I should get right off the bat that are fun, but also nice and cheap, I'm talking like 5-20 bucks on ebay?








PS-Does the Lynx 1 AC adapter work with Lynx II? If one person could answer this that would be great. Looking to order one today, so I don't have to stockpile AA batteries in bulk.

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Okay well I'll start it off I guess. From my research these are cheap and enjoyable:


-California Games



-Dirty Larry Renegade Cop

-Batman Returns

-Blue Lightning



-Scrapyard Dog


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You should add to that Pac Land, Rampage, Ramparts, Xenophone, TOKI, and Road Blasters. There are so many good 'cheap' games for the Lynx!

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I think the vast majority of the library is easily obtainable for under $20 each via ebay or other used game site.

I actually bought a lot of lynx games brand new in the last few months, in groups of 1, 2 and 4, mostly through ebay and here, and I kept a record of what price I paid for them. I enjoy them all and here were the prices.

california games
Zarlor Mercenary 16
gates of zendocon 20
Stun runner 15
blue lightning 20
qix 20
Zaku 58
checkered flag 15
road blasters 15
chips challenge 5
crystal mines 5
hydra 5
steel talons 5
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