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VGM Compression Tool

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2 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

Can it convert sampled sounds from SID files?

No. This is a 60hz playback system, so samples aren't going to work regardless of the source.


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Now that I've said that, tonight I pushed up voice2psg, which will take in a voice sample in Wave format and output a PSG file that attempts to reproduce it. It's really limited, and doesn't tend to be very clear, but for some samples, it does work, and hey, it's 60hz sample playback. ;)


It's based on Artrag's Matlab concept, but several attempts at porting the code to C++ just had me walk away - every function I looked at linked to two more massive ones, and keeping the arrays straight was driving me crazy. ;) I did get about halfway through it all if anyone wants that code, but likely I'm going to discard that work in favor of tuning this newer tool.


I don't have a good example ready, but you want a very clear voice sample, with no background sounds, loud and crisp. With all that, the result should be barely recognizable in the output. ;)




Ultimately, this tool won't often be useful, but for screams and hoots it actually does pretty decently, so you can get some sounds in there if you need them.



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