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Marc Oberhäuser

Atari 7800 Trading Cards Series 2

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Hello everyone,

In 2012 I released my first trading card set about the Atari 7800, covering the first-party games. Roughly 18 months later, I finally managed to send the Series 2 to the printer. This set is focusing on the third-party games (with the different region variations) and after market releases (since limited to 50 cards not all after market games (well, most of them are Bob’s creations hereJ) are covered yet, they will be added to Series 3 someday in the future, together with prototypes, hardware and other stuff). For a complete list of cards for series two please check the index cards added to this post.


Similar to Series 1 the cards are professionally printed and die-cut. Currently I have 30 sets of Series 2 available as well as 10 Series 1 sets. Together with Series 2 you will receive 2 replacement cards for 2 misprinted cards from Series 1 (Crack’ed and Super Huey).


Series 1
Europe: EURO 35 (includes shipping)
NA: US$ 45 (includes shipping)

Series 2
Europe: EURO 35 (includes shipping)
NA: US$ 45 (includes shipping)

Series 1 + 2
Europe: EURO 65 (includes shipping)
NA: US$ 82.50 (includes shipping)

Shipping includes airmail in a robust box, no tracking, no insurance. Insurance and tracking adds EURO 12 in Europe and US$ 43 for North America.

Payment: Paypal only

If you want a set (or both) just drop me a PM and I’ll send you the payment details.




PS: Next stop Intellivision J














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Mine arrived safely and look great! Here's hoping for a series 3.



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