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Another ColecoVision web site?

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Hi all - my ColecoVision and I have been together for 30 years but we're only now rekindling our relationship and I'm just entering the world of homebrew games for the first time. I was THRILLED to see such a thriving and dedicated culture devoted to keeping this console alive - I was immediately on the hunt for new stuff. And one way I wanted to enhance my hobby was to create a web site, not just to show off my modest collection as it gets larger but to record my personal experiences and knowledge of the coolest video game console ever.


This web site doesn't exist yet, but I'm throwing a question out to you guys - would anyone be interested in or visit another ColecoVision site? And if so, what kind of content would make it interesting and different?


I had a few ideas:

- a comprehensive list and descriptions of all games & hardware, old and new (not sure if this really exists anywhere all in one spot)

- a "Canadian" ColecoVision collector theme

- a catalogue of mods with complete instructions


I'm just throwing it out there... if these have been done and overdone or if they're unnecessary there's no point going there. Any ideas/feedback welcome, positive or negative (I'm a big boy I can take it). I'm just a nostalgic sap looking for a way to express myself.....


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Welcome to AtariAge and glad to hear that another person is rekindling their relationship with the ColecoVision. Afterall, it is THE best videogame console in my opinion as well.


There are a number of very good ColecoVision and ADAM related websites, but there has yet to be developed that "Be All, End All" killer website that covers everything from the original legacy releases to the latest and greatest homebrews. There have been discussions of creating such a site as was mentioned by PixelBoy and there have been sites that have gone online with very limited content that haven't been updated again. A couple good sites to look over are:






There are numerous others, but these two are amongst the best to date.

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Welcome, HkryCrkStudio. That's great news! :)


As NAID mentioned, the two sites he listed are among the best CV websites out there, no doubt. If you get a chance, definitely check those out if you haven't already. Looking forward to seeing another new CV website though, there can never be too many..


Crapahute, I really dig your website, its awesome! I just love all the artwork, so cool and colorful :lust:

ColecoVision really does have the best boxes out there imo and your site has helped inspire me to try to start collecting more ColecoVision games CIB (and NIB), rather than loose. Hope to see more from your site in the near future! I can't get enough of Coleco Box Art :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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