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Questions about Jag CD from a non owner

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I don't own one, but I'm becoming more and more curious about them. Here are some questions I have about them:

1) If you have a cartridge game in the slot and want to play that, does it display the normal jaguar startup sequence with the cube? Or the jag CD multi-color startup sequence?

2) If you have a cartridge in the CD's cartridge slot, and a CD in the CD player, how do you tell the jaguar what game to play (the CD or the cartridge)? Or would it default to the cartridge?

3) I understand that the sega CD was more than a CDrom drive for the genesis and actually had additional processors (and graphics chips?) to help expand capabilities. Was the jaguar CD similar, with additional processors/or graphics chips? Or did it simply provide the features of a CDrom drive and nothing additional?

4) What is a realistic price for the CD unit these days?

5) For those of you with the CD unit, do you find yourself mostly playing the jag carts, and rarely playing the commercial CD games/CD based homebrew titles? The other way around? A mix?

Thank you :)

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1. It will always use the CD start up sequence.


2. It will default to the cartridge.


3. Nothing additional but the VLM.


4. I think they're still available for about $180 from Best.


5. My time's pretty evenly split between homebrews on CD and Skunkboard and regular carts. Mostly CD homebrews lately.

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