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For sale: Flashed Xbox 360

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I have a spare Xbox 360 that has to go before I move. It has a Samsung drive flashed with iXtreme LT v2.01. I've also done the X-clamp fix on it, to prevent overheating.


Now, the unit is nothing special to look at. It's got some small nicks and scratches, and the upper surface (when horizontal) is "pockmarked" (from what I'm guessing must have been some manner of solvent splatter). It's also missing one of the horizontal-orientation feet. But, it works like a champ.


Comes with power supply only. (The power lead seems to have had a close encounter with some sort of a sharp-toothed critter. It works just fine, but could always be replaced with a standard PC power cable.)


Asking... I dunno, $50 + shipping?



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Damn I would be ALL OVER this if you were in Canada but considering shipping rates these days probably way to much for that. Ah well good luck with your sale!

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LT 2.01 is the latest firmware for Samsung drives. It should theoretically play all available games (provided they are burned correctly, of course).


By itself, this will not let you play imports. You'd need to dump the disk to an image file, patch it to remove region protection, then burn it to a DVD-R.

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