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47 untested cartidges with brochures

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The jackass who won the auction before never paid up, and nobody was interested in the second chance offers, so I'm auctioning them again! A good "starter kit" in here, though I don't know if any of 'em work.




3-D Tic Tac Toe (booklet included)
Air Sea Battle (booklet included)
Backgammon (booklet included)
Basic Programming (booklet included)
Bowling (booklet included)
Canyon Bomber (booklet included)
Casino (booklet included)
Centipede (controller label included)
Circus Atari (booklet included)
Code Breaker (booklet included)
Concentration (booklet included)
Crystal Castles
Defender (booklet and controller label included)
Dodge ‘Em (booklet included)
Donkey Kong (Sears VG System compatible, booklet included)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Freeway (booklet included)
Grand Prix
Hangman (booklet included)
Haunted House
Human Cannonball (booklet included)
Indy 500
Keystone Kappers
Maze Craze
Missile Command (booklet included)
Nexar (Sears Video Game System compatible, booklet included)
Night Driver (booklet included)
Outlaw (booklet included)
Pele’s Soccer
Pitfall (booklet included)
Pole Position (booklet included)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sesame Street: Oscar’s Trash Race
Sky Diver
Slot Racers (booklet included)
Snoopy and the Red Baron
Space Invaders (booklet included)
Spacemaster X-7 (Fox Video Games, booklet included)
Street Racer (booklet included)
Swordquest: Earthworld (Swordquest #1 DC mini-comic included)
Swordquest: Fireworld (booklet included)
Super Breakout
Video Checkers (booklet included)
Video Pinball

Bonus: DC mini comics Atari Force #2 and #4.

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