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Captain Beard

Atari 2600 lots on eBay

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Hiya, folks!


I currently have 4 nice lots up on eBay.


Lot of 6 Sears picture label carts -- ends 6/25

Lot of 21 Sears text label carts -- ends 6/25


Lot of 18 Multilingual label carts -- Activision/Imagic/Coleco/CBS -- ends 6/29

Lot of 82 3rd-party carts -- ends 6/29


Feel free to ask any questions here if you'd like, including requesting more/better pics if need be.


Thanks for looking!



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Yeah -- that jerk didn't even leave me positive feedback and he won three other auctions from me as well: another Supercharger game, plus the above lots of 3rd-party carts and Sears picture labels. Not much I can do if folks don't bid (and all of the stuff included in the big lots had been listed individually on eBay with the Make An Offer option available for over a year before I finally decided to just unload them all at once.)


Of course, his prices are so ridiculous -- as has been discussed elsewhere on AtariAge -- I have a hard time believing he ever actually sells anything, but I guess there are fools born every minute.

(It's also pretty hilarious that he has a video on his auction page with the wrong version of Frogger.)

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