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Top 5 Atari 8-bit games

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I know its an old post but I wanna play too.


Alternate Reality - dungeon / Phantasie 1+2 / Return of Hercules /  Wizard's crown 1 + 2-Eternal Dagger  + Ultima 3-4 for my RPG choices.

Pirates of the barbary coast / seven cities of gold - my exploration/conquer games.

Super_Pac-Man / SpyHunter / Satan's Hollow / Gauntlet  for my arcade representations.

Koronis Rift / Rescue fractulus / Eidolon / Ballblazer / StarWars Arcade  - LucasArts action games.

Played and beat more of the INFOcom games and spent more hours reloading to my last save after being eaten by a grue than I can count.


-Disk Doctor




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Jumpman Jr. - my favorite platformer but I could understand voting for Miner 2049er or Bounty Bob instead.

Ultima 3 (first RPG I ever played or even heard of)


AR The Dungeon

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocoms could have their own separate top 5 category).

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Young me:


Ultima III - The first rpg I played, and it sucked me right in. Ultima IV was my favorite Christmas present a year later, and finishing it was very satisfying.

The Pharaoh's Curse - My uncle brought me a huge box of games on tape from some closeout place in Chicago during the crash, and this fast paced platform/exploration game hooked me.

Crush, Crumble, and Chomp! - Another cassette game, written in BASIC and with a cool manual with player aids and maps. Customize your monster and see how long you last.

Alley Cat - multi level mini games, exceptional animation, sound effects, and atmosphere. 

One on One - mostly due to memories playing with my older brother.


Adult me:


Missile Command - I didn't appreciate this port as much then as I do now. Fantastic!

M.U.L.E. - Never had this one back then, but heard and read all about it. I've never even played with a live opponent and still think it's fun vs. the computer.

Blue Max - One of those unforgiving games that frustrated younger me, but once you get a handle on the piloting (don't crash into the ground), this game is very rewarding.

Pole Position - I keep coming back to this, and the control just feels right. Every crash I blame solely on *my* stupidity/greed. 

Crossfire - Another game discovered through emulation. Perfect arcade goodness, and hard as nuts.


Bonus multi-player fun:

Dog Daze Deluxe - Can teach this game to anyone in seconds. Lots of laughs, especially when a bone gets thrown and misses.

Seawolf II - Played this version a lot with my own kids when they were little on the arcade cabinet I built.

Matchboxes - Broderbund's version of 'find the hidden pair' with charming animations and tunes. Again, played with the young kids.

Kikstart - split screen motorcycle obstacle courses.

Trivia Quest - little known title that came on multiple disks. Answer questions to move your squire, knight, and noble around the board. Pass the joystick. Some arcade sequences.


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