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Lynx HSC 2014 Round 7 Dirty Larry

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Lynx high score club July 2014

post-22103-0-89554600-1404221372_thumb.png post-22103-0-39194900-1404221402_thumb.png

Settings - default

Deadline to post scores is August 1st 2014

Lynx HSC record is - 73,100 by Battlezone
Bust it for one bonus point

Final High Scores -

43,300 108 Stars +11 points +3 points
31,500 LX.NET +10 points
30,300 S.BAZ +9 points
24,300 darthkur +8 points
17,900 roadrunner +7 points

Current Season Point Standings -

108 Stars (35)
BillyHW (31)
LX.NET (62)
PFG 9000 (24)
Tempest2k (15)
roadrunner (54)
darthkur (40)
jblenkle (13)
sirlynxalot (23)
MrBland (7)
S.BAZ (33)
DonPedro (4)
oyamafamily (3)

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post

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I may be wrong, but I think that Dirty Larry doesn't offer much variety in the scoring department. It seems that no matter what weapon you use, you always get the same points for defeating an enemy. And save for the bikers, you must defeat all enemies to progress, meaning: everybody should have the same score at the same point in the game, unless they do not kill the bikers (and possibly later enemies I have not yet encountered). So basically who comes further in the game has a higher score, and if multiple people beat it we might have a draw. :D


Anyway here is my first entry. I hope I can still improve, but it is getting difficult. Seems impossible to not get hit.




43,300 points.

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Yeah, for most of the bad guys the scoring is about the same.

Dirty Larry must defeat many gang members. Each gang member
he defeats earns the renegade cop a certain number of points,
depending on that gang member’s difficulty level. The list below
shows how many points each bad guy is worth.

Arsonist 200
Biker Chick 300
Chopper 400
Gang Dude 400
Drug Dude 500
Bat Dude 700
Rasta Dude 700
Bad Cop 900
Dr. Current 1800
Mr. White 2500
Mr. Big 3500

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1st attempt.

ran out of ammo & got railed by the biker

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just figured (or re-figured) out how to make a screenshot so I'll get one next go


I dig the Boss Hog character ;)

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