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Handhelds, Game Boy or Game Gear

Better handheld, Game Gear, or Game Boy?  

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  1. 1. what's your preference? Game Gear or Game Boy?

    • Game Gear
    • Game Boy

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Jeebus, Game Gear is a collector's nightmare. I've never run into a unit I didn't have to do some tweaking on. It has some good games but nothing like some of the great titles that started coming out mid-life for Game Boy. It might have been monochrome but it provided really sharp, detailed visuals whereas a lot of Game Gear games were mired in unattractive colors with little depth. If it had been more of a success, it might have gotten some better third party support but as things fall there's more good games for the Game Boy then there are total games for the Game Gear.


These things might not seem like anything special now but in the era when you didn't have a portable computer in your pocket, having a game boy with a game as complex as Tetris was freaking AMAZING.

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I like both. The Gameboy games can be played on a Gameboy Player which I like to play on a TV. The Game Gear I like for the Master Gear Converter so I can play all my Sega Master System games on besides Game Gear games on.

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