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***SOLD*** Textronix oscilloscope

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Ok, not really Atari stuff, but I figured I'd see if anyone here wanted it before ebay....


Tektronix TDS 2002 Color Digital Storage Scope

- 60 MHz bandwidth

- 1 GS/s

- Manual & Cal Certification


I'll also include two Tek P2220 200 MHz probes.


Asking $375 + ship


PM offers.




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Picutres by request.

It's a nice little scope, Many Tektronix quality, Such features, Wow!



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Tempted to make an offer. :ponder:

Were I currently gainfully employed, I would also be tempted.

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I would be tempted by this if I had the spare cash, Tektronix make great products.


I bought a cheaper and more old school (green screen and non storage) Tektronix 2225 a few weeks ago. I created an account to download some documentation from the Tektronix website.


Yesterday a lady from Tektronix made a follow up call. Even after I told her I had bought a used 25 year old scope she asked if I had any questions or problems with it that they could help with.


Better support than I get from Atari ;)

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