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Spy Hunter arcade reset loop

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Hello all!

I wasn't sure whether to put this under coin-ops or hardware, because it's related to both. Sorry if it's in the wrong section. I was wondering if someone here might be able to help me with this. I'm pretty sure it's a simple solution, I've encountered the problem before. I've just forgotten how to fix it :|


Anyway, when I turn the machine on, the screen scrolls white block lines and letter "R's" repeatedly. Much like it would when resetting. However, it seems to do this endlessly. The music also plays on boot, but it isn't supposed to do this at boot, only when the game is actually playing. I looked into the machine and saw that the purple reset wire (which, in my machine, is divided into 3 ends : 2 for the actual reset and 1, I believe, for the music) was loose. When I had this problem before, I just tethered the 3 ends together, and it ran perfectly fine. When I tried to do that again, now the screen hangs with vertical lines and random interspersed garbage. When this happens, the reset buttons on the cheap squeak and main board-stack work. Except it boots back to the scrolling screen and makes the music play again.


I'm going to assume, at moderate inspection, there are no other issues other than the purple reset wire. Nothing looks fried, nothing else seems to be disconnected. I'm wondering if anyone knows of another solution to the game being stuck in this loop. If there is another component that would be causing this problem, it'd be helpful to know. I don't think it's something drastically wrong with the machine, otherwise I don't think it would be at the point of functioning that it is


Also, for reference, when none of the purple wire is attached, the screen scrolls like previously mentioned, the reset buttons don't work, and music does not play (which makes sense).


I can try to get pictures if they're necessary, but I think this is a common problem with Spy Hunter machines, so I wasn't sure if they were.


Thanks in advance!

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hardware is generally a slow subforum, what I would do to gain the quickest attention / solution is to post another thread in the arcade section, but do not double post, give a 1 sentence help call and a link to this thread.


if you have 2 identical threads then everyone repeats themselves and its hard to keep track of whats going on, if you say, "I posted this in hardware but wanted to bring it to your attention, my basic problem is X with Y see link" its kind of the best situation for maximum exposure without cross confusion

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