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Season 12 Round 2 - Breakthru

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Welcome to round 2 of the 12th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!

The first 9 games have been pre-selected and entered into a random list generator. So you guys know the games, but not the order.

This round ends on Sunday, July 27th.

Title: Breakthru
Developer: Data East
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: November, 1987 (US)





Scores so far:

Current standings:


darthkur 25

roadrunner 18

Mangia-Boy 15

Lid 12

Ashkin2002 10

LarcenTyler 8

DonPedro 6

Jibbajaba 4

jblenkle 2

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The final score goes by pretty quick.



Just remember that screenshots are encouraged but not required. So no one should stress out about it if the "Game Over" screen flashes by too quickly.

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Sorry for the delay! Here are the results of this round:


asponge 26,000 +25
DonPedro 15,000 +18
darthkur 14,000 +15
Ashkin2002 13,700 +12
S.BAZ 13,500 +10
Mangia-Boy 13,300 +8
Lid 12,900 +6
roadrunner 5,900 +4


And the current standings after 2 rounds:

1. darthkur 40

2. asponge 25

3. DonPedro 24

4. Mangia-Boy 23
5(t). roadrunner 22
5(t). Ashkin2002 22

7. Lid 18

8. S.BAZ 10
9. LarcenTyler 8
10. Jibbajaba 4
11. jblenkle 2

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