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Sacred Will

Need help with my Adventure hack

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I was wondering if there are any programmers out there that can help me with the program code for some new custom objects that I have added to my Adventure hack I call "Adventure Beyond". I have what I think is a pretty cool idea but I have no clue about programming code. My hack is almost done except for this one idea. I have already successfully added dozens of rooms and mazes, a new Red Castle and something I call the "Forbidden Fortress". I used "Adventure Builder" and Nukey Shay's 8k Adventure source code and some tutorials he did a few years back. The thing I am working on is called "The Amulet" The object is supposed to start out in four pieces that are scattered throughout the kingdom and you have to find the pieces one by one and gradually piece them together until you have the completed Amulet. I already have the completed Amulet working in the game. It is basically a key for opening the "Forbidden Fortress" where the Chalise is being held. I already created and placed the individual pieces of the Amulet in the game including the 1/2 Amulet and the 3/4 Amulet. They are objects that can be picked up and moved around but they have no function yet because I don't know how to do the code. (I'm a noob) The only thing left to complete my hack is the program code for the Amulet Pieces, and then when that is ready, I will place the objects in specific locations for games 1 and 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated and anyone is more than welcome to use any of my ideas.


In the attached file called "Amulet" I describe what I want the objects to do.


(In the attached bin file I have placed the Amulet pieces and the completed Amulet in the three rooms just below the Yellow Castle)


(I added two new Realms to the game. You get to the 2nd Realm by using the Bridge in the room below the right corridor to the right of the catacombs.)


These are some changes that I have made so far:


Two new realms with several new mazes,


A new Red Castle with a huge 9 room maze,


The Forbidden Fortress with another huge maze where the Chalise is being held (You need the Amulet to get in),


The Amulet


Changed the look of the dragons,


Changed the Chalise,


Changed the Sword,


Changed the look of the Castles,


Got rid of the invisible surround, Just changed those mazes to black so you can see the whole room now,


Oh... and I deleted the Bat (Sorry... don't be mad :( )


There are a few other things but you can figure that out if you check out the game.















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