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Hello --


When the Visual 6502 team did their talk about their original project, they showed that they had done the same with the TIA as well (http://visual6502.org/docs/6502_in_action_14_web.pdf -- starting at page 39). I know they've released die shots of the TIA, but does anyone know if they released the polys or the net list for it somewhere? It would be incredibly useful to have this information preserved for the TIA, in addition to what they've already released for the 6502 itself.


It does seem like the project has grinded to a halt on the public side. Is anyone here involved with the project?



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It is absolutely fascinating to look at physical chip implementations. Where you can actually see the transistors and such, with fairly low power magnification. Reminds me of obvious hand-drawn circuit boards in the 70s. Compare to modern electronics where I can barely trace a board connection, and the chips are operating at nanometer scales.


I actually had the thought of implementing a 6502 (or similar) using discrete components. Wouldn't cost all that much, a few hundred dollars at most. Just a LOT of time. And I'd have to think the performance would be terrible? Oh well, people have basically done it in Minecraft anyway.

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