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Share some colour art!


Guide a non destructive cursor around an area ten times the size of the screen and hold the button down to draw or erase the colourful pixels in this scrolling editor for the VCS!



What colours do you see?


This program cycles through different artifact coloursets; because these are artifact coloursets they will not show up on an LCD, PAL or composite mod (you'll get monotone instead).


A classic CRT with factory settings with a 4-switch VCS works best to see them but plasma will also show some interesting effects; the mazes and pictures you draw may have two or three colours per set and the patterns may change (more artifacting)! :)


Marquee mode:


This mode pans the camera all around to showcase your creation! :) Hold reset to enter Marquee mode and press it again to return to the editor.


Do not press select or you will likely crash your Atari, that feature runs the code! I will start another thread on the programming forum about it :)


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