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The LTO Flash! program includes a database of most known roms including variants.  Is there any way to view the entire database to see all the variants, checksums etc.?

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On 2/7/2022 at 8:54 PM, Humanzee said:

I'd emailed in to go on the waiting list a few months ago; any recent news?

Unfortunately it sounds like no one has been able to contact Joe from LTO for a few months. I hope everything is ok 😕

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On 3/8/2021 at 5:30 PM, intvsteve said:

You busted me! There's a partial manual here.


You can get to it from here (the gold box), too:



I say "busted" because it's incomplete, and it's quite likely that the sorting feature you were looking for was added after I made those pages lol. I think I have a couple hundred screen shots for Windows and Mac that I never got to writing content around, and who knows how many of them are out of date by now lol.




In fact, I just determined that the sort feature is indeed not documented by following link in the above reference page to this sub-page. Based on the released notes at the download page (which is horribly overpopulated), the sort was added in a version released 2016-09-06 meaning that the manual is even older than the earliest releases! Who knows how many little things are "off"...


Back to Multi-Select Tree

From what I remember, I was working on key navigation in the multi-select tree. I think the mouse operations work - but it's not Windows Explorer 'lasso' type, it's using the Shift and Control keys. I might just cut bait and leave some of the edge cases in the pure keyboard navigation remain unsolved. I dug around in Microsoft's reference source code to look at how they do key navigation in the tree control for things like page up and page down and it's insanely complex. They've done multi-select tree controls in their own products, and the behavior in Visual Studio is what I was aiming for.


On 12/7/2021 at 8:56 AM, lucifershalo said:

Hi, after months, I decided to load roms again on my LTO flash cart,

I thought it was possible to see the content of my cart on the PC interface program

and to change edit roms, make folders

but I dont seem to be able am I wrong?




On 12/7/2021 at 2:42 PM, 1980gamer said:

I have the same issue.


Asked @Rev to do a demo video.  But if anyone can make a tutorial, that would be wonderful.


Putting Steve's reply to me back to the end of the thread.  FYI - There is a good discussion about how to use the UI on pages 96 and 97.

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I posted this somewhere in this 102 page thread (!)  Hope it helps for those having issues with folders:


I hope I can maybe provide some help here as I was tinkering around with my LTO Flash last night after I pretty much just dumped all of my games onto it with no folders and it was a mess.  If I misunderstood your post, I apologize in advance.  I have Windows 10 OS by the way.  I created a folder called "LTO Flash" on my hard drive.  In the folder, I created subfolders for each letter alphabetically from A-Z and copied all of my games alphabetically in each folder.  I then opened the LTO flash interface, deleted all of my previous files, and once I was done I clicked on "add folder" on the top left.  I then browsed and clicked on the "LTO Flash" folder on my hard drive and hit open.  This took all of my already created folders and put it on the menu.  I then just clicked "send to LTO Flash" and was all set.  When I put the cart in my INTV, I had all of the alphabetical folders and could go into each one with "enter" and go back to the main menu with "clear".  I'm sure this method also works if you wanted to label different types of folders like Mattel games, homebrews, demos, Coleco, Activision, etc instead of alphabetically.

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