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FS Jaguar Stuff Nintendo Game & Watch Guides PS1 NES +

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Hello all. I have about 80 auctions ending this sunday on ebay. However, I thought I would offer you all a nice discount on this stuff if we do the transaction off of ebay before there are any bids etc (we will just use PayPal not ebay). Prices are firm. So here is what I have:



Lot of 6 Vintage Working Nintendo Game & Watch Collection Plus 2 More Rare Games


$280 and free Priority shipping



Huge Lot 150 or 200 Empty Atari Jaguar game Boxes Cannon Fodder and Manuals


$136 and $4 for Media Mail shipping



Big lot of 47 Prima Strategy Guides Official PlayStation 2 PSP PS2 N64 XBOX Sega


$111 and $9 media mail shipping



Big lot of 40 Brady games Strategy Guides Official PlayStation 2 PSP PS2 PC XBOX


$91 and $9 media mail



big lot of 50 playstation one games all working ps1 psx some great games in here


$91 and $9 Priority shipping



Lot of 34 Tips & Tricks Video Game Magazines Collection '99-01 Dreamcast N64 PS2


$81 and $9 Priority



Lot of 5 PlayStation 1 Systems blockbuster carrying case controllers 1001 cords


$81 and $4 Parcel Select



Lot of 30 New Not Sealed Atari Jaguar CD games Blue Lightning


$71 and $4 Priority



lot of 22 super nintendo power posters from magazine snes rpg secret evermore ++


$71 and $4 First Class



Nintendo NES Lot - 12 Games In Boxes No Manuals Ice Hockey Kung fu Black box MLB


$66 and $4 priority



Lot of 15 Nintendo Power Super Mario Pokemon Magazines Strategy Guides Zelda NES


$56 and $9 priority



big lot of 28 playstation 2 games all working ps2 some great games in here look


$46 and $9 priority



And theres a bunch more auctions I have ending this coming sunday in 5 days so check my store and I will provide similar discount in whatever you are interested in buying off of ebay, just through paypal. Because I save on ebay fees so I pass savings to you. Thanks for looking





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How did you get roped into originally buying all those jag boxes? Seems crazy.


I got them for a good deal of course, similar to the price I am selling them now for!

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Kevin why not advertise stuff that people would actually buy from you...like your component system selector for $11.40, your component cables for around $12, nes zapper with manual....Kevin does sell some good stuff but you have to sift through the junk to get to the gold. I think you need a manager. Plus break up your "lots" only a reseller would buy those lots.

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