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The OFFICIAL pre-order page for SPACE RAID ATARI Homebrew

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The official ordering page for



Orders are now being accepted for this great new space shooter!

Programmed by Atari Age's very own NANOCHESS!

The original announcement thread for SPACE RAID can be found here:




- Shipping in September 2014
- Order as many copies as you want
- The initial batch is limited to 200, if all copies are purchased, a second batch will be made available later.
- game cartridge comes in Atari shells
- included are: Box, Manual and Cart


150 'US' style boxes and 50 'CBS' style boxes initially available

ATARI AGE MEMBERS make payment to this Paypal: [email protected]

When making payment, give your AA name and quantity and box style you reserved in this thread!

$50 per copy plus $12 shipping USA and Canada ($3.00 each per additional copies)

$15 shipping Europe ($3.00 each per additional copies)

Please make sure to include contact info and address and game quantity and box styles.

See picture below for box style.



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Yes, once all the first batch (CIB) will be sold


Cool. I'll be in then for cart+manual. :)

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1 US please. Payment will be sent shortly


Actually pull me from this. I'll take my chances and hopefully will get one later. I'm sorta in-between jobs and shouldn't spend the $$$$ at the moment. Sorry.

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when will this ship? Um, tad worried about this one


Probably in a couple of weeks or so... I need to fix an issue with the PCB assembly (or probably just assemble new ones for now).

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