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Lost Dragon

Ultra Star Raiders-What is the reality here?

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Ahhh Star Dreamer.


A little before my time on here, but looks like it had so much potential.



"Has" potential. You never know when older projects might be revived...


And that video really doesn't show the game off very well. :)

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Ahhh see what you did there.


Now you have me curious.




Only 1 that popped up at short notice.


Glad i bumped this thread.


Sounds like something could be happening in this genre on the Lynx.

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Seems like someone is taking the "unreleased games" list a bit too seriously ... especially after 25 years has passed.


Remember the Jaguar FAQ's list of "unreleased games?"


Hey - I have a bunch of ideas for Jag games that I never got around to working on. Can I add them all to the FAQ?


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Looking back through some old files of mine, i spotted an interview with a very young Jeff Minter (aged 21 ) whom having just finished coding Revenge Of The Mutant Camels, hinted his next game would be something along the lines of Star Raiders as he loved that and loved the (original) TV series, Battlestar Galactica.



This was back in 1984.


As far as i am aware his only attempt at doing a Star Raiders type game was for the Panther, yet he's often referenced his love for Star Raiders, so it puzzles me why to this day he's only ever had the 1 crack at it, despite working on the ST, Falcon and Jaguar.

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