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IntyBasic - Getting started?

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Hello guys,

Just found out about IntyBasic, it looks GREAT!

I would like to get started on it and hopefully someday be able to do something as good as the falling apples or the jumping clowns.

I am trying to get started but I am having a hard time getting going. Does anybody have like a simple pong program I could dissect to learn?

or is anybody by any chance working on any type of getting started tutorials? do you need a very knowledge less guinea pig? or maybe some URLs you can recommend?

I do have some Basic language experience, I think I just need a bit of push to get going.

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Hi, feo,


Welcome! I'm glad you decided to join the Intellivision programming community. IntyBASIC is a great tool to get you started. From what I understand in your post, you are all set-up and ready to go, but just need some guidance in getting your game started. Is this correct?


Unfortunately, there is no tutorial at this point. However, user catsfolly has made available the source of his Bouncing Clowns game, which may help you start. I believe there are a couple of "demos" that come with the compiler as well that should aid.


Do these help?



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I put some sprite demos in this thread:




These examples read the controller and allow the player to move an animated sprite across the screen.

I tried to make them as short as simple as possible, but I suppose they could use some more comments.


If you have any questions, let us know - we like to answer questions.


Welcome to Intellivision programming!




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Nice to see another developer for IntyBASIC :)


The IntyBASIC package contains various tiny examples and also two mini-game examples, game1.bas (shooting a letter) and game2.bas (kind of Berzerk)

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