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WUDSN IDE: Removal of ".lbl" Symbols File generation

WUDSN IDE: Removal of ".lbl" Symbols File generation  

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  1. 1. Are you using the feature that WUDSN IDE automatically creates an ".lbl" labels for for usage within the Atari800Win monitor via "LABELS file.lbl"?

    • Yes, please keep it (I use it often and it really helps)
    • No, I don't use it (I use MADS/XASM/Altirra anyway)

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In the very beginning ATASM and Atari800Win where the only supported compiler and emulator in WUDSN IDE. Back from this very beginning, there is the feature that WUDSN IDE parses the console output and output files for labels/compiler symbols. The only usage for them until 1.6.x was that WUDSN IDE automatically creates a "<file>.lbl" labels file in XASM 3.0.1 format. This file can be loaded from within the monitor of Atari800Win to have a mapping between addresses and labels.


I'd now like to remove that feature for several reasons:

- This is 100% Atari800Win specific code that currently also runs in all other situations and on other platforms (C64)

- The MADS/Altirra combination works just perfect with the existing .lab & .lst files directly generated by the compiler

- The new "Compiler Symbols View" will display the labels directly in the IDE also and offer filtering.

- The file is generated after starting the emulator, because parsing the output may take quite some time.

Hence it cannot be passed as argument when the emulators is started.


The correct implementation would have to be emulator specific, which is possible in theory (the generation of the breakpoints file already works like that) but I currently don't see much of a benefit. Hence I'd like to remove it for the moment.


Looking forward to you votes & comment.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback. Will be gone in 1.7.0.

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