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Sio2sd and the ATARI 800

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Hello all,


I recently pulled my Atari 800 out of storage and tried hooking up Lotharek's SIO2SD. The Atari works just fine. I hooked the SIO2SD up to my Atari 800XL and it works great. However, when I plug the SIO2SD into the 800 I get the following screen:




If I hit reset the Atari starts to boot the SIO2SD.xex then freezes.


The follow is what appears on the SIO2SD:





I think I turned the SIO High Speed feature off? Shift F3. Not sure.


Can someone help me get the SIO2SD device working with the ATARI 800?



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the SIO2SD is set to High-Speed SIO, the 800 won't load anything.
There should be a setting (read: button combo on SIO2SD) that disables that...


Looks like it has your answer :) what the button combo is *shrugs*


Edit: later in that thread




That did the trick. Thanks! Got into config file and turned off high speed SIO






  • byte 0 - set turbo speed (hsindex) (0-16 speed , 17 - turn off turbo)
  • byte 1 - set turbo speed fo 7th-bit/XF551 mode
  • byte 2 - set MMC/SD transmission speed
    • 0 - high speed - about 2.4Mb/s
    • 1 - medium speed - about 900kb/s
    • 2 - low speed - about 500kb/s







  • sio high speed
    • off
    • hsindex from 1 to 16 (6 is the default setting)





31: $52 ( r ) $0002

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